Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Reality Check

Oh man, it suddenly dawned on me that I will be traveling 2000 miles half way across the country in just a matter of weeks!! As I think about everything that I need to do and everyone that I need to see before I leave I am overwhelmed. Here is a little glimpse into my current "To Do" list:

1. Sell contract (I will potentially be moving out THIS Saturday, a whole week before I move out).
2. Pack my car (potentially in 2 DAYS!)
3. Find a place to stay for 6 days until I leave for Rexburg
4. Make it through my last week of work (iffy)
5. Say good-bye to friends in Utah
6. Go to Rexburg Feb. 11-13
7. Drive to Vegas on the 14th to say good-bye to family
8. Hope and pray that my car makes it to Ohio
9. Find housing in Ohio
10. Get a health screening and fill out paperwork
11. Start a new job that I where I feel totally inadequate.

I am currently a REALLY stressed and extremely overwhelmed, which is exasperated by the fact that I'm sick AGAIN. Seriously? I can't wait to get out of the petri dish that I work in, it is literally a cesspool of germs.

What is helping me keep my sanity? The latest CES fireside by Elder Christofferson about taking one day at a time. Here are my two favorite quotes or thoughts:

"Don't start planning to bail out because you are nervous for the future- just get through the day."

"Even the mundane and repetitious can be tiny but significant building blocks that in time establish the character and order needed to realize our dreams."

I guess as I have the strength to get through tomorrow I will be one day closer to realizing my dreams.

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