Monday, February 21, 2011

I Love My Life!

It has been 7 days since discovering that I lost every single one of my belongings including clothing, Chacos, text books, passport, knick knacks from China and Hawaii, journals, bedding, the list can go on and on. While I have had a roller coaster ride of emotions this past week I had what some may call an epiphany on Sunday as Brit and I were driving back from Draper. As previously stated my love language is words of affirmation, which would explain why the most traumatizing part of this whole situation is the fact that I lost all of my journals and positive words of encouragement that were given to me at various times in my life. 

As we were driving I the realization came to me that the notes that were written to me and the journals from the last 4 years don't define me. I have been blessed with a good memory, while it won't be in detail, I will be able to go back through my college years and write down at least 75% of the events, which is better than nothing. I decided earlier this week that the crap has definitely hit the fan and I can be upset about it or I could pick myself up, brush myself of, and move on with life. 

 My epiphany came as I realized that I have had an amazing life, a life I could never have even dreamed of as I was graduating high school almost 6 years ago (yikes!) As I reflected on all that I have done and everything that I have accomplished it made me want to do more and become better. As I reflected back I realized that I have graduated from college with my associates and bachelors degree,  I went to Kunming China and made amazing friends and fell in love with China and teaching, I went canyoneering in Fall of 2008 and which started my love for the outdoors, I went on Spring Summit which has forever changed my life and given me more confidence than I could ever dream of, I went back to China and became convereted to the gospel of Jesus Christ through the influence and example of those in the Nanjing branch. The person who took my car may have all of my material possessions but he/she can NEVER take away those experiences. I am actually grateful for this experience because it has pissed me off enough to make me want to complete more items on my bucket list.

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  1. cute tiffymae.
    I am so sorry to hear about the loss but so happy that you are still enjoying those things that make up who you are.
    love you!