Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You gotta fall in order to mend.

After 11 months full of ups and downs I have finally begun to re-write the memories I lost when my journals were stolen. Trying to recall important events that have happened over the last 3 years has been no easy task. My nights have been full of emotional highs and lows as I remember the happy moments, the sad moments, the tough moments, and the lonely moments. This walk down memory lane has led me to re-read my blog posts from the previous year. I started with the post on Jan. 31, 2011 (a year ago today) with finding out I was moving to Cleveland, Ohio and moved to the emotional post of the stolen car, and then the lonely tales of living in Cleveland. The post on culture shock was particularly interesting. And while I don't (and probably won't ever) consider Cleveland my home I no longer experience feelings of anger, anxiety, disgust, and irritation or have irrational mood swings. I still cherish the memories that I have made in places such as China, Hawaii, and Moab but have come to realize that I need to live in the moment and not continue to have one foot in the past.

There are still those hours, days, and months that I just need something to give me a glimmer of hope.... and I have found it in this song! While I'm sure that the words are eluding to some sort of love story I'm pretending to be oblivious. I generally shy away from sharing lyrics to songs but I think today I will make an exception. I love the verse that says
"It's a brand new day The sun is shinning It's a brand new day For the first time In such a long long time I know I'll be ok"

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