Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How do you measure, measure a year?

In daylights: After 12 months I can confidently say that have finally settled into routine, and as a person who thrives on routines I couldn't be happier. After moving across the country with almost nothing, starting a new job, becoming the relief society president, moving to a new apartment, getting my wisdom teeth surgically removed, road-tripping to Minnesota, and Virgina, realizing how busy things can get at the hospital at Christmas, and getting sick for 3 weeks I can say with 80% confidence that I am comfortable with my routine. I have been able to adjust to working 40 hour weeks, going to the gym, planning better meals, reading my scriptures, going to family home evening and institute, becoming more efficient at grocery shopping and still having time to relax. I couldn't feel more accomplished and proud of myself, partly due to the post Hawaii pounds that I put on, and partly because I feel more centered and in control of my life. My life feels less like a ball of chaos and more like an organized mess.

I realize this picture has nothing to do with this post but I felt as though another picture was needed and I realized I only have a handful of me in Ohio.. So there you go!
In miles: Between the two road trips to Virginia and Minnesota, the many trips to Columbus, and the many miles spent driving to church in Akron I have loved the time I have spent solo and with friends. There is nothing like a 9 hour road trip through the night to give you memories to last a life time.

In laughter: Unfortunately there has not been less of this and more of strife. Luckily there is technology and videos (and Facebook) to remind me of the wonderful memories I have been able to make. I love looking at pictures of me smiling, I love watching videos I made in college, where I almost pee my pants because I am laughing so hard (see video below). My goal for this year... laugh as hard, if not harder than I did in the video.

In strife: Living in Ohio has not been the easiest, it is much like a roller coaster ride. At times it is fun, at times it makes you laugh, at times it makes you angry, at times it scares the crap out of you, and at times it makes you cry. It doesn't help that I had a rocky start, after experiencing the 7 stages of grief due to the loss of my car and all of my belongings, I have finally reached the upward stage. I have begun to work through my emotions and start reconstructing my life. I have accepted the fact that there are some of my belongings (ie: my journals and letters) that I will never get back. As part of reconstructing my life I have started to re-write those memories. The hours I have spent writing those precious memories has actually been a wonderful blessing. I have been reminded of the changes and decisions that I have made in my life that have brought me here. I still cry when my friends across the country tell me that they love me, or the miss me, I still cry when I go to church and sit by myself, and I still cry for no apparent reason at all.
Again this picture has nothing to do with this post but I felt as though another picture was needed!
 **Just as a side note this day also marks the 5 year anniversary of leaving for Kunming, China. I can't believe how fast time has gone and how much I have changed because of that experience. **


  1. oh gosh that video.....hahahahahahaha

  2. you beat me to the five year commemorative blog post! i've been working on it this last week. man, i can't believe it's been five years. that was such an awesome experience and i still miss it all the time!!