Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bucket List

Several years ago I made a bucket list for a school assignment. I periodically take a gander and occasionally update it for kicks and giggles... and what better time to make goals than at the start of a new year!
1. Run a half marathon
2. Take a dance class for at least 6 months
3. Backpack Havasupai
4. Do this pose in yoga:
5. Own a house
6. Join the Peace Corps
7. Live in America Samoa
8. Get married
9. Adopt children with disabilities and/or from a third world country
10. Learn how to play the cello
11. Learn how to lead climb
12. Participate in an adventure race
13. Go to a Josh Groban concert
14. Go to Disney World
15. Mountain bike the White Rim in one day
Grunting up Hardscrabble as the Green River meanders below.

16. Live completely debt free
17. Live in Hawaii for an extended period of time
18. Work on a military base
19. Become a certified yoga instructor
20. Get in a healthy BMI and fat percentage range
21. Buy a "big girl" bed
22. Make a quilt that looks like this for my "big girl bed"
23. Learn how to play the Ukelele and guitar
24. Get a masters degree
25. Travel to Mexico
26. Go back to Nanjing and Changzhou
27. Teach English in a foreign country
28. Travel to Europe
29. Visit Times Square on New Years Eve (or any other time would work too)
30. Spend a week in the Boundary Waters
31. Spend a weekend at the sacred grove
32. Be confident and secure with who I am
33. Hike the Yellow Mountains in Huangshan, China
34. Go through the Forbidden City
35. Learn how to kayak
36. Listen to this song while traveling in South Africa:
37. Learn how to ski 

1. Graduate from college
2. Go on Spring Summit
3. Live in Hawai'i
4. Become a CTRS
5. Read the Book of Mormon cover to cover
6. Hike Table Rock
7. Go to Pearl Harbor
8. Visit the Great Wall of China
9. Go through the temple


  1. This is great, I really need to sit down and do one! I miss you!

  2. mexico in october? also. i'm calling you tomorrow. you'll probably be working. just call back when you have time :)