Saturday, March 12, 2011

Culture Shock

Stages of Culture Shock:
1. Honeymoon: Usually lasts a couple of weeks and is full of observations and new discoveries, which are often seen in a romantic light.

2. Homesick: Is just that, missing the "comforts" of home, belongings, culture, etc.

3. Horror: The differences between the old and new culture become apparent and may create unpleasant feelings such as anger, anxiety, disgust, irritation, and/or frustration. This phase is often marked by mood swings without apparent reason.

4. Home: In this phase one grows accustomed to the new culture and develops routines, things become more "normal." One accepts the culture with a positive attitude and negative reactions are reduced. 

As I have traveled quite a bit in the last couple years I feel like I am an expert in this phenomenon they call "culture-shock." I experienced it in Changzhou, and again in Hawaii, and once again in Utah, so I wasn't surprised when I started to, experience "feelings such as anger, anxiety, disgust, irritation and/or frustration" and "mood swings without apparent reason." These feelings are exasperated by the fact that it snowed at least 4 inches yesterday and I have yet to see the sun in Ohio add the fact that I really miss my belongings and you have the perfect recipe for disaster.
After this week...
I would give anything to be in China teaching English.
I would give anything to live in Hawaii.
I would give anything to not spend my weekends alone.
I would give anything to be camping in Moab with my friends from summit.
I would give anything to be close to family and friends.
I would give anything to repel down a canyon
I would give anything to be around people who understand me and think I am funny.
I would give anything to be anywhere but Cleveland.

I know that this is just a phase, I know that I will become more confident at work, I know that I will begin to meet more people, I know that I will get more comfortable with my surroundings and soon Cleveland will become "home"... at least that's my hope.


  1. Ya it totally will. And when it does, make sure to write a blog post about it with a link to this one. Also, we saw the sun today. :)

  2. Honey, I miss you and know that you are amazing and can accomplish anything that you set your mind to! You are a beautiful daughter of God and he knows what he is doing, and he will NOT give you more than you can handle! Please let me know if you just ever want to talk or something! I am here, I miss and love you girly!