Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fun Fact Game

As I was taking a gander at my old blog I came across this post.... and since it has been almost a year I thought I would change a few and add a few. My China friends will tell you that this was my favorite game to play as we were walking to church, or eating lunch. Maybe it is the Recreation Therapist in my but I felt like it helped us get to know each other on a less superficial level.

1. I was born in Logan, Utah
2. I lived in Las Vegas, Nevada for 8 years
3. My elementary school mascot was a Giraffe
4. I learned how to sign "House at Pooh Corner" by Kenny Loggins in the 2nd grade.
5. I loved to play the glockenspiel in music class\
6. I had two guns pointed at me while running in my 3rd grade class (My elementary school was part of the reintegration of blacks in the 60's or 70's, therefore, it was a "specialized" school (it was focused in arts and entertainment) in a black neighborhood.)
7. We had "intruder" drills instead of earthquake or tornado drills.
8. I remember the day school was cancelled because of the Rodney King incident. I also remember that I was told we needed to go hide and people would come in to our houses and take all the toys that they wanted, but I could take my favorite stuffed animal and barbie)
9. I play the piano and have played since I was 8 years old
10. I played the violin for 6 years
11. I used to eat pepperoni and yogurt (sick I know)
12. We used to have rats as pets (even sicker)
13. I lived in Boise, Idaho for 5 years
14. I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting pedicures
15. My idea of a perfect day is sitting in a hammock on the beach reading and listening to Jack Johnson or Josh Groban
16. I really do not like the feeling of jumping off high places into the water
17. I have lived outside in Southern Utah for 35 days.
18. I went through the canyon "fooling around" in a polygamist dress.
19. My favorite food group is carbohydrates... especially pasta
20. I sat in a sauna naked with 6 other girls in Kunming, China
21. I've been to the Great Wall of China... twice.
22. I got a 4.0 my first year of college
23. I've sat in the audience of a Chinese Game show in Nanjing, China
24. I've spent 48 hours on the edge of a canyon all by myself.
25. I love having people do things for me, like dressing me, doing my hair, making me food.
26. I love jogging 7 miles and then doing an hour of yoga
27. I love hiking mountains because when I'm on top I can look down and see everything I
      have accomplished.
28. I used to cross stitch when I was in junior high
29. I have never been a good singer
30.  I've gone 12 days without showering.
31.  My favorite thing to clean is the refrigerator
32. I love to run stadium stairs
33. My ear drum burst on Halloween (also my sisters birthday) when I was 7. I spent the rest
      of the night in the emergency room.
34. I am not a competitive person at ALL!
35. I have only been pulled over once... but never gotten a ticket.
36. I was so into Barbies when I was a child, i had matching shoes, earrings (which dates me),
      a house, and a limo
37. When I was 5 I went hiking with my family. When my grandma took me to the bathroom she let me fall on a cactus. It ruined any chance of going to the bathroom outside, until I took a back-packing class in Fall of 2006, now I am hooked.
38. I can not, CAN NOT stand any of the pride and prejudice movies.
39. I have been to the Hong Kong temple, and it is beautiful
40. I vacationed on an island for 2 weeks and had no responsibility... it was wonderful
41. I lived on the ocean in Kailua, Hawaii for a semester.
42. I just barley started making my bed every morning in Sept. of 2009
43. I love putting clothes on straight from the dryer.
44. I believe that winter should be done on January 6, Rexburg and Rochester disagree.
45. I belonged to the American Girls club at my school, however I was not allowed in the Spice Girl coalition.
46. I used to make little bead lizards and sold them in 6th grade. I made 12 dollars.
47. I love the first snowfall when you can snuggle up with a blanket on your couch and drink hot chocolate.
48. I love going to the dentist.
49. Giving blood is one of my favorite things to do, not because it helps others, but because love the feeling of needles going into my vain.
50. I love running because of how good it feels to stop running.
51. I've been to Victoria's Harbor in Hong Kong
52. I hiked 22 miles without water or food.
53. I drank water from a cow trough with a snake in it as well as a pot hole w/ algae and bugs.
54. I love bouncing on exercise balls.
55. I would rather wear a dress than pants
56. I like to accessorize my outfits with earrings.
57. Raspberries, starfruit, and pineapple are me favorite fruits.
58. Any man can steal my heart if he can sing and play the ukulele (preferably Polynesian) 
59. My favorite part of autumn is the changing leaves.
60. I pretend I can't play the piano so I don't have to play at church.
61. I took my drivers license test on a layer of ice and 3 inches of snow, and I still passed.
62. I've eaten dog, beer catfish, and oysters.
63. I traveled 3 hours one way to go to church in China.
64. I locked myself out of my apt 4 times when I lived in China, twice in a 24 hour period, twice at night, and once in the pouring rain.
65. I can't stand bowling... I think it's boring
66. I do not like showering... really really don't like it.
67. But I love styling my hair and doing my makeup
68. I love brushing my teeth
69. I will not go camping with out my makeup, at least my mascara.
70. I hate going out with out shaving my legs, even while I'm camping
71. On day 6 of my 12 days without a shower (while on the 35 day expedition to Moab) I shaved my legs out of a water bottle (which I then threw away).
72. I hate... hate... HATE... soggy bread, this includes sandwiches of any kind (especially PB&J) and when people talk right after they take a bit of their sandwich
73. My favorite books are The Giver, Tuesday's with Morrie, Cry Thy Beloved Country, To Kill a Mockingbird, Wild Swans; Three Daughters of China,  and the list goes on.
74. I am always running late, however I do not like to be late
75. If I am late for a meeting or activity I opt not to go so I don't have to show up late.
76. I could eat Snap Peas all day
77. My favorite color is shades of green
78. I have been called Tiffers, Tiffey mae, Shaniqua, Tiff Tiff, and Tippity Tap Tap Tiff
79. I was so in love with Taylor from the band Hanson when I was a kid.
80. I remember the days before computers, and the internet, and text messaging, and I-pods
81. I love sugar and have no self control, therefore I can't buy it from the store because I will eat it all in one sitting.
82. I was accepted into the nursing program at BYU-Idaho straight out of high school, I declined (politely) thinking I would re-apply... I never did.
83. Clutter drives me crazy
84. As a result I LOVE throwing things away.
85. I listen to Christmas music all year 
86. I LOVE LOVE LOVE wearing workout clothes, especially Yoga pants
87. I cannot stand being cold.
88. I have gotten hardcore hypothermia from repelling down 7 waterfalls. 
89. I have no problem going to the bathroom anywhere, including at gas stations and on the side of the road.
90. I went to speech therapy until 6th grade because I couldn't say the "r" and "s" sound.
91. I refused to go half way through 6th grade because I was embarrassed.
92. I LOVE everything about the Christmas season.
93. I sat in hard seats on a train for 27 hours with Chinese people ALL around me.
94. I have been to Tianamen Square 
95. I have been to the Beijing Olympic sites
96. I was 22 before I learned how to drive a manual car.
97. I started a fire with a bow drill (two pieces of wood).
98. I've been snorkeling in Hawaii, it felt like I was in Finding Nemo.
99. When I was in high school you couldn't pay me enough to camp and go to the bathroom outside, I absolutely hated it.
100. I am deathly afraid of the dark.


  1. This is so much fun, I don't know if I could come up with 100 things about me, I am going to have to try it!

  2. Tiffanee, I love all 100 things about you. How is it that I did not know a bunch of stuff on this list?
    Also, yay for Mr. Sexy Sunday voice.

  3. hey...you forgot the nickname grotskey!

  4. I love #34 and #69. ha ha ha. :D :D :D