Sunday, November 23, 2014

I'll Be Home For Christmas... If Only In My Dreams

Missing the holiday season has been hitting me pretty hard lately. It comes at the most random and sometimes inopportune times. At times I can feel a literal ache in my heart and at other times it is just a fleeting memory of Christmas's past. I am trying my best to remind myself that it is only one Christmas. Next year I will be back in the states, I will have a Christmas tree filled with ornaments of all the places I have traveled, I will get to throw Christmas parties and have the opportunity to wear warm clothes and see snow again. In the longer scheme of life this one Christmas is a drop in the bucket. 
But sometimes those reminders don't always take the homesickness away. And when the reminders don't work I am grateful for my 6 friends here who help distract me with this Christmas photo shoot. 

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