Sunday, November 23, 2014


I am not usually one to dress up for Halloween, but Taiwan made it too easy for me this year. I am not even sure where the idea for our Halloween costumes came from (well let's be honest, it was from Pinterest), but it all started with a flower crown- I really wanted to wear one and from there it snowballed into this:

For 15 dollars we got the costume, accessories, and these beautiful flower wreaths, with the added bonus of having an excuse to feel beautiful for the day!

Our morning class was so fun! All the kids came dressed up in costumes. And if there is one thing Asians love it is the opportunity to take pictures. So for your viewing pleasure here are are a few of my favorites!

After teaching we headed to Taichung to hang out with our friend's Peja and Elias. We started the evening off by taking to wrong BRT exit and arriving to dinner 30 minutes late. Luckily Peja and Elias patiently waited for us. During dinner I re-discovered my irrational fear of fake bugs. Ib put a fake centipede on me while I was chatting with Carolyn, Peja and Elias about squatter toilets. With the help of Cassidy's theatrics, I completely lost it. The sequence of events are all a blur- I do know there was an ear piercing scream, I may have jumped into Peja's lap, and then ran as far away from the table as I could. With a mixture of laughter and trying not to cry, it took about 5 minutes to compose myself before I could go sit back at the table. As a person who is usually reserved and composed this reaction shocked everyone, they had never seen me so panicked. 
P.S. Isn't Peja's costume legit? He made those merit badges by hand! 

After dinner we headed to a park and really just hung out. We played another one of Grant's silly games and ran around chasing lights. Peja was a trooper as we made him do all sorts of things like getting on Grant's shoulders and letting Ib and Cassidy stunt him. 

Finally at 2 am we headed back to Taichung- which seemed like a good idea at the time until I had to get up at 6 am to go to Tainan. 

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