Sunday, June 17, 2012

Being a tourist in your town...

In an effort to bring more positive words of affirmation into my life and enjoy some chocolate while I was at it, I decided to by a bag of Dove chocolate. After a particularly rough weekend, this is the encouragement that I received today:

Which is exactly what I have been trying to do the last couple months.

 In an effort to experience all that Cleveland has to offer I decided to start "seize the day" movement. Many of you will remember my "Cleveland Bucket List"   Here are some of the highlights from my last few moments in Cleveland.

From L to R:
1. Heartthrob ball: I have had several opportunities to dress up and go to a fancy event for work. The Heartthrob ball is a fundraiser where 3 kids from the Children's hospital are chosen as Courage award winners and spotlighted at this gala. These are kids who have shown courage in their surgeries, treatment, or therapy. They are kids who have overcome great odds and are still smiling at the end. One of the Courage award nominees is a young man that I work with in the dialysis unit, so I was able to go to this $250/plate or $5,000 dollar table  to support him. I did not pay for the table, of course, it was just one of the perks of working in a department that had a Courage award winner. It was amazing, unlike anything I have ever experienced before. I pulled up to a red carpet, the valet took my car, and I was ushered downstairs to enjoy cocktails before the event started. The event itself was something else, the tables were eloquently decorated, the women were in evening gowns, the men in tuxedos. Absolutely breathtaking! Watch the first one... but I will warn you, you many need a box of tissues. Courageous Kids

2. E. 4th, a favorite local place to dine.

3. My first country concert with a group of girls from work. Kip Moore was preforming at a local restaurant. This was a huge moment for me.... I broke free of my rigid Wednesday routine, skipped the gym, and ordered pizza for dinner at 9 o clock at night.

4. Dinner in Ohio City with Suzie and Jack.

5. Posing for my first 5k in front of the West side Market.

6. The Kirtland Temple: What an amazing experience I have had to have been able to attend multiple church services in the Kirtland Temple. One man gave a powerful and moving talk there about his ancestors who helped to build the temple, and how they were put in Ohio for a reason. It is as true then as it is now. Everybody that I have met while here in Ohio has been for a reason, and I have been able to learn and grow from each person. It is no coincidence that I ended up in Ohio, or that those I have met have ended up in Ohio, there is a greater purpose for our paths crossing.

7. Saigon, a yummy restaurant we ate at on E.4th.

With a little under 3 weeks left and a packed agenda I have triaged the must do activities and have narrowed it down to just a handful of pictures/activities:
 1. Go tour the Christmas story house
2. Take pictures from the CC rooftop, East Cleveland, west side market, and Cleveland skyline.
3. See the sun set over Lake Erie

Thank you to all my friends who have helped make my bucket list possible. I have loved spending time with all of you and will miss you dearly when I go out to Utah.

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