Sunday, May 13, 2012

Life has a way of surprising you...

Due to fear of change I have put off publishing the following information as long as possible, thinking if I did not tell people that it would not be real. But I think it is probably time to come out of the closet and publicly announce (to the 2 of you who regularly read this) that I am moving back Salt Lake City. Yes, you heard me right, I am moving back to the land where the girls poof their hair, and the guys scope out the ward list for potential girlfriends.
Confused? Bewildered? Wondering how it happened? So am I? According to my last post I had come to terms with living in Cleveland, and was actually happy here. Despite all my tears and lonely nights, I have learned how to be by myself, I made friends with the people that I worked with, I became good at my job, and after months of trying to find my place in Cleveland, I found my niche in Akron and had developed a solid group of friends. So what would posses me to uproot myself from such a comfortable position to move into the great unknown... the answer: I'm not sure.... but I'm sure the answer will slowly be unraveled one day at time, I do know that there were a series of tender mercies that led me to this decision, many of which happened years ago while I was in college.

Here is a youtube video for the camp that I will be working for. The official position is Program Coordinator and is a mix of hands on program implementation and administrative duties.

Although Cleveland is a strange place to live and has many quirks I do not want to leave Cleveland with any regrets so I made a "bucket list" of places I want to go and pictures that I want to take before I leave. I'm sure the list will grow, but these are the easy
1. Take a picture at the Rock and Roll hall of fame/Lake Erie (6/10/2012)

2. Tour the Christmas Story House
3. Ride the RTA from Warrensville to downtown
4. Take a picture from the rooftop of Cleveland Clinic
5. Tour Kirtland (5/2012)

6. Take a picture in East Cleveland
7. Attend Catholic wedding (4/21/2012)
8. Attend Indians Game (one too many times)
9. See a pro-football game (Fall 2011)
10. Go to the Aurora outlets (5/12/2012)
11. Eat in Tremont, E. 4, Ohio City, and Little Italy (Various days)
12. Take a picture at the Westside Market
13. Go to the John Johnson farm (February 2012)
14. Go to church in the Kirtland temple (5/2011, 1/2012, 4/2012, 5/2012)
15. Take a picture at E. 105 and Euclid, first pedestrian stop sign)
16. See the sun set over Lake Erie

 And just for good measure here are some videos or songs about Cleveland that make me giggle.

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