Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Walk Down Memory Lane

It's days like today that make me miss China...
I miss hearing "hello teacha" a million bajillion times
I miss waking up to the sun and enjoying a leisurely morning
I miss squatting
I miss the adventure of it all
I miss serving the girls
I miss the nude pajamas
I miss the laughter
I miss the inservice meetings
I miss teaching
I miss the orange man
I miss the cheap food, especially the fruit
I miss going down town
I miss having movie night at Abby and Brooke's
I miss bundling up because it is so cold outside
I miss the street vendors
I miss getting locked out of my room
I miss feeling confident in my skills and abilities
I miss being stared at and pointed at by strangers
I miss sleepovers at Sunday and Heidi's because I locked myself out of my room
I miss being secluded from the world
I miss trying to communicate in another language
I miss playing the fun facts game
I miss the hugs
I miss the darling kids personalities
I miss sitting in on the teachers and seeing how amazing they are
I miss the train rides to church
I miss the walk to the market
I miss the rice
I miss our holiday parties
I miss getting pushed/pushing to get on the bus
I miss the e-mails that would make me laugh
I miss the boys in Nanjing
I miss doing my laundry and getting water all over the floor
I miss the smellsI miss eating oatmeal with chopsticks every morning
I miss those girls like crazy
I miss President and Sister Yu
I miss playing "pick their type" with my darling Jessica
I miss the dumplings and fried rice
I miss sharing a twin bed with 5 other people
I miss laughing because of a pair of black panties
I miss the relationship I had with my Heavenly Father
I miss the holidays in China
I miss the growth that came from that experience
You guessed it, my nude pajamas curtosey of King. This is when I had the swine flu/bronchitis... I was so miserable.
Thanksgiving in Nanjing!
Oh Merril how I miss you!
KTVing at the Christmas Party
Waiting for the train for the last time!
Our last Sunday together after church
Making dumplings with Andy
What a character!
Saying goodbye! I think I'm more sad now than I was then.
Oh Elvis, you couldn't speak any English but you sure were cute.
Our classroom hearts
My bed... I miss you!
My squatter
Me and Brookie on the Great Wall of China
Our first family photo
Halloween Party!
The group at Tiananmen's Square
Church in Beijing
Thanksgiving Dinner at the street vendors
Our Last family photo with the guards protecting us against the swine flu
yeah for 26 hour train rides!
Doing laundry
Eating oatmeal with chopsticks
It's crazy to think about what I was doing a year ago today... A year ago today I was laying in bed with the swine flu feeling like I was going to die, even thinking about those memories makes me writhe in pain. I couldn't get out of bed to answer the door or go to the bathroom, even rolling over made me want to die. I would be nauseous all day and  all night and would wake myself up multiple times coughing. It took all the energy I had in my to crawl next door to ask Abby to by me some pop, I eventually just started leaving my key in my door so I wouldn't have to get up and answer the door. All I could eat was apples and drink sprite, I literally laid in bed for 72 hours and couldn't move a muscle. I had a fever that was easily over 100 degrees, and I was so delusional, I would talk to myself for hours and hours during the night because in my mind if I talked to myself I wouldn't be able to cough. I still can't believe how sick I was and I still didn't go to the doctor (all though I'm sure it doesn't surprise my roommates), and yet at this moment right now I would give anything in the world to be there rather be there than here.

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  1. Ok fine... just make me cry why don't ya. I love this Tiffamay! I miss every one of those things too. What marvelous memories. How fast a year has gone by.