Thursday, September 30, 2010


I know I'm getting a little crazy... two posts in one day but really the last one was from a couple days ago, I just posted it today!!
Life has definitely been an adventure!
here are the happenings from the past 6 weeks
I've tried playing Rugby
I realized that I don't really like Rehabilitation medicine as much as I thought I would
I have forgotten that I actually know things
I became FIM certified at REHAB hospital
I've remembered how much I love working with children
I've talked to one of my best friends after a month of phone tag (love you Jess!)
I've realized how much my friends on the mainland love me
I've gained a million pounds (as embarrassing as this is to admit it's true and I thought you should all know it)
I went to the Laie temple grounds
I've missed autumn season
I miss China even more
I miss being cold and wearing warm clothes

Here are is what I am looking forward to in the next 6 weeks
Finally taking me NCTRC exam on Monday
Finally being able to go to the beach
Finishing my internship
Graduating from college (FINALLY!!!!)
Seeing my friends again
Getting a big girl job.
This is what I wake up to every morning, really pictures don't do it justice.

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