Monday, April 28, 2014

Pictures Update

I have had an amazing few months- full of laughter and memories- so I'm not sure why I haven't had a desire to share all of these moments. Here are some pictures of moments from the last 9 months that have brought me a lot of happiness and joy. 
July 2013: Yellowstone with Camp K
Whitewater rafting in Yellowstone. I am the one covered in the front covered in water

August 10: This girl threw me the best birthday party ever!! I loved it!

Aug. 3rd, 2013: Brad Paisley concert with Katie
August 2013: Ashley went skydiving and I went to support her.
August 2013: Glacier National Park
Hiking in Glacier

Posing for a picture with Emmit in Glacier National Park
August 2013: Spending the day in Montana with this handsome boy 
September 2013: Roommate pictures in Millcreek Canyon

October 2013: Spending the day on Temple Square

Feb. 2014: Hiking in Red Rock canyon

Feb 2014: I was dating this boy who got these one in a lifetime seats to the Jazz Game. Best basketball game EVER

March 2014: Disneyland!! This pretty much sums up our trip- lots of laughter. I love this girl!!!

Yep... that face!

One of my favorite pictures- so magical

One of the perks of going with individuals with disabilities is that you don't have to wait in the two hour line to meet Elsa and Ana. 

This is Tommy. After running around Tomorrowland because all of the rides were broken he got us VIP seats to the firework show. Once in a lifetime!
I love this girl and will miss her so much! We were muses in the Camp K performance of Hercules.

Me and Hercules

This is Sami- my old roommate, intern, and most importantly friend. She worked so hard this semester and I am very proud of her!

First time to Zion's National Park
April 2014: Little Dell- so many fond memories
April 20th: I got to spend Easter with this handsome guy.

April 25, 2014: Holding the baby chickens at This is the Place

He loved how soft the goat ears were- he kept rubbing them on his face.

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