Thursday, August 16, 2012

Life Lately

In a matter of a few weeks life has a way of turning everything that was once familiar, routine, and safe upside down and all around into things that are now unfamiliar, unknown, and chaotic. For all the complaining I had done about Cleveland, I had grown to love the life I had created for myself. And even though I know in my heart that right now, I need to be in Utah, close to family and friends, it does not make the transition any easier. My last two weeks in Cleveland were full of last minute sight-seeing, last visits, and last bucket list activities. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I had to spend time with dear friends and co-workers that helped me throughout my time in Cleveland.
 Here are a few highlights:

1. I finally made it to the Christmas story house and I am so glad that I did! Although I did not grow up watching the Christmas story I absolutely LOVE Christmas so any excuse I have to see a Christmas tree I will take it, plus hearing the history of the movie was fascinating and I feel as though I will enjoy the movie that much more next time I watch it.

2. My dear friend and co-worker, Deb, took me to see the sunset on Lake Erie (twice! The first time it was cloudy). It was absolutely gorgeous and I enjoyed spending the evenings talking with Deb.

3. In an effort to try new things I found a new activity that I absolutely love…. Anti-gravity yoga. And for those of you who feel that the word “yoga” can only be used when referring to poses done in conjuction with meditation and deep breathing, get over it. This type of yoga integrates poses such as chair, mountain, and warrior, with acrobatics to strengthen and stretch muscles as well as give you confidence in your body (because there is nothing like dangling 2 feet from the ground with nothing but your body and a little piece of material to stop you from face planting into the ground).
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Although everybody thinks that I absolutely hated Cleveland and that I would be skipping out of there (mostly my fault, I know), It was not easy to say goodbye to Cleveland. I cried more leaving Cleveland than I did leaving Changzhou, China. Luckily I have been so incredibly busy that I have not had much time to sit and think about what I have left behind. There are moments when I feel as though I am just on vacation and that in just a few short days I will be back in my “hood”, buying the regulars at Costco, going to see my babies at the hospital, but then I am quickly drawn back to reality. (usually by my cousin screaming, “more cars, more cars!”)  There are moments where I break down in the car because I do not know where the gas stations are, or I can not find my way back to my house. There are moments of anxiety as I realize how much I will need to learn to be able to complete my new job. There are moments of fear as I realize that I have to walk into the church building by myself, or go to activities and know absolutely no one. Despite what others might think, this was not an easy move for me (and just for the record, I never thought it would be). But despite all the anxiety, fear, and uncomfortablness, I know in my heart that this was where I needed to be in my life and I just have to move forward.

The past week has been so incredibly busy! In 10 days I traveled through 11 different states, gone through 4 different time zones,  stayed in 6 different cities, and stopped at numerous gas stations. As I have traveled through the different states I have been so blessed to be able to feel so much love in my heart as I have reconnected with friends and been able to spend time with them. I have been separated from many of these friends for over a year, but my heart was filled with gratitude as I saw how wonderful the treated me and how much they loved me. I was reminded of this love when (due to some unfortunate events) I needed a last minute place to stay the night I got into Utah. I asked several people if I could stay and within a matter of a few hours I had three friends who were willing to let me sleep on their couch. I was reminded why I have the greatest friends ever when my friend insisted that I sleep on their bed while they took the floor. Was it a big deal? No, I would have done the same thing, but after being away from them for so long, that simple act was enough to remind me how loved I am.

This week I was fortunate enough to spend with Melanie, my aunt, her husband and 3 year old son (and their adorable dog Bobby). The first couple days were spent in Vegas where I met my 2 week old cousin Mary. Then it was up to Vernal, Utah were Mel reside. It is never a place that I would choose to live, but I have managed to have fun while I’ve been out here. Between the kayaking, birthday party, and trips in the community with Emmit, I have thouroughly enjoyed my stay and will be really, really sad to leave. And for those of you who think I have a heart made of stone, Emmit and Bobby are here to prove you wrong. They have me wrapped around their little fingers (or paws), all they have to do is look at me and I let them do whatever they want (do not even get me started about what I do when they start to cry). I love coming to visit Mel, Val, and Emmit, they always spoil me, especially when it is my birthday! I have loved spending the time with Emmit, and although he has given me quite a few bruises, his laughter warms my heart. This year for my birthday I got the spend the day with Emmit, and I couldn’t have asked for a better day (besides the tempertantrum he threw leaving the library where the head butted me multiple times). But how could you be mad at him when he says, “Tiff, Emmit sad, Emmit so sad.” Then getting to spend the night roasting hot dogs outside, with the dogs running around and Emmit saying, “Tiff, party cake, party cake Tiff.” I seriously could not have asked for a better week!

So here’s to a new adventure!


  1. I'm all for doing yoga, but that kind looks scary! i just know i would prob fall flat on my face or something

  2. tiff! you look great! im excited for your new adventure!

  3. That is a crazy awesome kind of yoga! I'd totally try it! I'm excited for you to be starting a new adventure and I'm proud of you for overcoming some of your fears (new church/ward has always been a hard spot for me, too. I really had to work on it before I got better at it.) Good luck!